Tuesday, April 9, 2019

American Prison 15%

I'm on page 45 of 318 of American Prison: Undercover for Mother Jones at a privatized prison in Louisiana. Opening chapters are discussion of his training and his fellow cadets. Book then moves to an historical perspective.
Prisons replaced slavery after Civil War as a source of black labor for plantations. They continue to be a source of labor, particularly in the south. USA has (percentage wise) more prisoners than any other country in the world.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Killer by Nature--Audible original

ReviewThe parts are better than the whole. This is an Audible original. Very high quality radio drama. Interesting characters. Some difficulty at times with the English accents and with keeping the various characters straight. The main character, a female psychologist with two children whom she semi-ignores because of her work, is quite interesting. In fact, all the characters were well-drawn. A very good "car" listen.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Breaking Bad

Quite a change from True Detective.  Straight-forward narrative. Walt diagnosed with lung cancer. No money for family. A chemistry teacher, he falls into cooking meth. His goal is to "just be the cook and collect the money."  Not going to work out.

Wife:  pregnant, wants him to undergo all treatment to live.
Son: cerebral palsy, but teenage hormones also make him snippy. Good character
Brother-in-law: DEA agent.  Robert Duvall type. 
Sister-in-law: (wife's sister) shoplifting!

Very good so far

True Detective finished

Lots of sound and fury not signifying much.  The church maintenance man is the villain. He has a crazy place full of strange sculptures where he has killed and buried people from all the parishes of the church.  Matthew Mc. continues to babble on philosophically while Woody Harrelson runs his tongue over his teeth.  Okay, but not as good as what we've seen--Sopranos, Wire, Narcos all much better

Lisa Halliday/Asymmetry 40%

Mary Alice and Ezra continue their May/September romance. Ezra pays for her school loans, a winter coat, etc.  Not quite a kept woman, but $ plays a part. E asks her repeatedly if the relationship is "good" for her.  Reader asks the same question! 

Phillip Roth model for Ezra.
A little affected for me.  Reminds me a bit of Bright Lights, Big City.  Lots of brain, less heart in the writing.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

True Detective

Lots of flash but not too much substance.  McConeghey and Harrelson characters snarl at each other but work together  McConeghey goes undercover; all hell breaks loose; biker gang; black projects; gunfight. 

The murderer seems to be involved in some Christian cult, but there's no development . . . the cult is just out there being weird.

Late in the Day

"Lydia, Alex, Christine trying to work out a plan for the future after Alex's taking up with Lydia. Their children--Sandy (Alex with Juliette), isabelle (Alex with Christine) and Grace (Zachary with Lydia) are finding their way as young adults. Zachary's death looms over all of them. I'll be interested where this ends up; excellent writing."